"Dehla Pakad" (Hindi for "Collect the tens") is a 4 player trick taking card game widely played in India.

Nobody really knows when it started what we do know is

  • Its Exciting
  • Very addictive
  • Needs focus
  • Requires lot of strategy and understanding with your partner, since you cant cheat here. You are on your own.
  • And its 'Desi'.

  • Either take more than two 10s out of four in your hand
  • 'or Take two 10s out of four and make more than seven hands.

-Remember if you don’t have 10s in your hand, than you cant win no matter how many hands you score


  • Universal application designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Multiplayer game
    • Play Dehla Pakad online with your game center friends
  • Single player game
    • Team up with a computer player in 4 player game.
  • 4 eye-catching theme with further option of selecting your own card deck.
  • Intuitive sound effects. You can play your iOS device songs along with the game.
  • Easily Customize your Game Experience by changing game speed and player names displayed.
  • Flip card to make a move.
  • Crystal clear retina display supported.
  • Multitasking supported. So you can easily resume your game.

How to Play:
At the beginning of each round, 13 cards are distributed to each player in three rounds where 5 cards are distributed in first round and 4 cards each in two following rounds. Trump selection happens during game as previously described.

Trump is not decided in the beginning of the game but a trump is decided is during the game and it could be anyone from the four players who can declare the trump. Suppose player A and C are in team X and B and D are in team Y. Now during the game suppose player A plays a card from hearts and player B doesn't have a card from hearts, player B will play a card from some other suit and whatever suit player B plays, becomes the trump for that game.

Scoring is known to be different in different regions, so i prefer not to talk about it. :)

Download iPad & iPhone Universal App: http://bit.ly/idehla

Courtesy (Rules):

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Dehla Pakad